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Generator Rex Episodes in Hindi [HD]

Five years prior to the series, a massive explosion released high concentrations of nanites into the atmosphere, infecting almost every living thing on Earth. These nanites may randomly activate inside their hosts, mutating the subject into a monster known as an E.V.O. (short for "Exponentially Variegated Organism"). Though some E.V.O.s retain human-level sanity, intelligence, and memory and are in full control of their special E.V.O. abilities, most go violently berserk and cause widespread chaos and destruction

Season 1 Hindi Episodes HD 720p

Episode 01 - The Day That Everything Changed
Rex breaks out of Providence with Bobo. On this "roadtrip" the two meet Noah and eventually find themselves in Abysus with Van Kleiss

Episode 02 – String Theory
Rex is sent on a mission to lower Manhattan, where an E.V.O human named Peter Meechum has control over his nanites and is turning humans into infected "zombies".

Episode 03 – Beyond the Sea
During a volleyball game, he meets and falls head-over-heels in love with a teenage E.V.O. girl called Circe, who initially wants nothing to do with him. It turns out that Circe is intending to join the Pack by defeating a giant sea monster E.V.O. Even though Circe had help in defeating the sea monster E.V.O.

Episode 04 – Lockdown
Rex and Noah are locked in Providence's Zoo. Noah tells Rex he works for White Knight.

Episode 05 – The Architect
Having fled Providence, Rex is traveling through a desert when he comes across a construction crew under attack by rat-like E.V.O.s.

Episode 06 – Frostbite
Rex is taken to a remote Providence base in the Arctic code-named "Paradise" to have his excess nanites extracted and stored after he absorbs to many. The base commander Weaver is upset about the unscheduled visit and his personnel are uncooperative

Season 2 Hindi Episodes HD 720p

Episode 01 - Rampage
While Providence HQ is being rebuilt since "Payback", Rex and Bobo are living with Noah, while Six is a "ninja-hobo" in his jump jet. Rex gets a call that Providence is trying to transport a power core, when an E.V.O. goes on the loose, as well as conveniently, is near the power core.Van Kleiss and the Pack show up and turns Noah into an E.V.O.

Episode 02 - Waste Land
Following an E.V.O. attack on a research ship, Rex and Six are called upon to retrieve the reactor core's rods of the ship. If not rescued, the rods would destroy the surrounding areas.

Episode 03 - Lost Weekend
While fighting an E.V.O., Rex and Bobo hear of a party in the middle of a desert. Later, White Knight assigns them a mission at an underground event in the Sonoran Desert, with entertainment being provided by E.V.O.s.

Episode 04 - Alliance
Van Kleiss-along with the rest of the Pack, including Rex's sweetheart Circe- comes to recruit the vengeful E.V.O, No-Face in the Bug Jar.

Episode 05 - Robo Bobo
After stopping another Rabbit E.V.O., Rex begins to suspect something is wrong with Bobo when he begins acting nice and even helping out around Providence. But when Rex tries to convince Six and Holiday, both tell him that he shouldn't worry about it.

Episode 06 - Divide By Six
On his way home from fun and with a burger, Rex is ambushed by four humans, who are the 2nd-5th most dangerous men and women on the Earth.

Episode 07 - Mixed Signals
While battling a starfish-like E.V.O., Rex begins to have trance-like moments during the fight, with strange machines building from his body each time. It turns of that his long-lost older brother, Caesar, had caused the trances in order to locate the Omega-One Nanite lying deep within Rex's body.

Episode 09 - Haunted
Rex arranges a double date for Noah by seeing a scary movie with Annie and Claire. The plan goes awry when both of the girls cling to Rex and gets Noah mad.

Episode 12 - Written in Sand
In a sea of sand, Rex and Van Kleiss must team up to stop ZAG-RS.

Episode 13 - Night Falls
Rex and Cesar go to a local village in Mexico to visit their adoptive grandmother, but she is hiding something.

Episode 14 - Hard Target
Breach goes to Hong Kong, China, as her master has an important mission for her involving Quarry. Worried that she is after Circe, Rex follows her but is deeply uncomfortable to see her and Skwydd in a supposedly romantic relationship. Elsewhere, Breach springs Quarry out of prison to get a rare and powerful weapon called a molecular destablizer

Episode 15 - A Family Holiday
Dr. Brandon Moses develops a cure for incurables and Dr. Holiday shows complete interest for finally curing her younger sister, Beverly. But Six, Rex and the White Knight grow suspicious.

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