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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Episodes in Hindi

The show takes place on the fictional planet of Eternia, a planet of magic, myth and fantasy. Its lead character is Prince Adam, the young son of Eternia's rulers, King Randor and Queen Marlena. Whenever Prince Adam holds the Sword of Power aloft and proclaims "By the Power of Grayskull!" he is endowed with "fabulous secret powers" and transformed into He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.

HINDI Episodes

Episodes 01 - The Cosmic Comet
A comet has turned evil and is working for Skeletor. He-Man must convince an old wizard named Zagraz with power over comets to help save Eternia. Man-at-Arms tells viewers they'll all make mistakes, but to "try, try again" and remain confident.

Episodes 02 - The Shaping Staff
Evil-Lyn has gained hold of the magical Shaping Staff, which can transform anyone at whom the holder aims it. Orko tells viewers some strangers are dangerous, so never accept gifts from or talk to any.

Episodes 03 - Disappearing Act
Orko's magic wand accidentally hits Prince Adam's sword and made it go to the past. Skeletor captures Prince Adam and waits for He-Man to come to his rescue. Man-at-Arms tells viewers He-Man's brain helped more than his muscles in that problem, and that brains can and should be exercised.

Episodes 04 - Diamond Ray of Disappearance
Skeletor wreaks havoc at the Royal Palace with the Diamond of Disappearance, which transports all who look at it into a timeless dimension. Beast Man, Mer-Man, Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops, Evil-Lyn and Panthor appear. He-Man tells viewers to watch out for those people who promise a quick way to riches and to "not sell yourself short."

Episodes 05 - She-Demon of Phantos
Skeletor has taken control of Queen Elmora, ruler of the moon of Phantos, and is forcing her to supply him with a powerful metal called Photanium. He-Man tells viewers to be cautious, whether or not a public safety official is around.

Episodes 06 - Teela's Quest
While Teela is searching for her real mother, she is captured by Mer-Man and only He-Man and Battle Cat can rescue her from becoming a sacrifice for a legendary sea monster. Teela tells viewers caring adoptive parents deserve the same love caring biological parents get.

Episodes 07 - The Curse of the Spellstone
Skeletor steals the Spellstone, a mystical object which enables him to control the weather. Man-at-Arms tells viewers to first consider whether any practical jokes they play on friends may cause accidental serious injury.

Episodes 08 - The Time Corridor
Skeletor goes back in time to build a castle on the same spot as Castle Grayskull is built on in the present. There, he will start the Time Wheel which will go forward in time to where Grayskull is and explode. He-Man tells viewers to learn from their mistakes.

Episodes 09 - The Dragon Invasion
With the help of Beast Man, Skeletor sets an army of dragons on Eternia, then invades Grayskull and uses the powerful Dragon Pearl to weaken and imprison the Sorceress. Orko tells viewers animals should not be treated as tools, but with kindness and respect.

Episodes 10 - A Friend in Need
Ileena, a self conscious friend of Teela's who despairs at her lack of strength, falls prey to the evil wizard Jarvan, who uses an addictive potion to make her part of an attempt to get his hands on Eternia's Transmutator. He-Man tells viewers drugs can not make their problems go away, and will often cause more.

Episodes 11 - Masks of Power
A man and woman, tempted by the ways of evil, are taken over by an ancient king and queen when they put on the Masks of Power. Teela tells viewers to admit their mistakes rather than lying to cover them up.

Episodes 12 - Evil-Lyn's Plot
Evil-Lyn disguises herself as an innocent girl to fool the Widget people into giving her the powerful mineral Coridite. Teela tells viewers they should question everything that does not seem right, but "Don't judge a book by its cover".

Episodes 13 - Like Father, Like Daughter
Skeletor kidnaps Man-At-Arms with the help of an evil robot army. Teela tells viewers they should obey their parents, who have their best interests at heart when disallowing fun things.

Episodes 14 - Colossor Awakes
Skeletor has a weapon that can turn people into stone, but even worse, it can bring stone to life, and he uses it to bring alive the giant stone golem Colossor. He-Man and Teela tell viewers to check with a doctor before physical exercise, and to start off slow.

Episodes 15 - A Beastly Sideshow
Beast Man, in the guise of a sideshow owner, comes to Eternos with a carnival in an attempt to lure Cringer into Skeletor's trap. He-Man tells viewers courage is not so much about braving danger as it is about sticking to personal principles in times of temptation.

Episodes 16 - Reign of the Monster
Skeletor has kidnapped Stratos so that he can use the Staff of Avion to summon a monster called Molkrom. Orko tells viewers to not eat any strange fruit they find, no matter how alluring, as it might be poisonous.

Episodes 17 - Daimar the Demon
Orko uses his magic to bring his new friend, Daimar from another dimension to Eternia. Little does he know is that his new friend's presence is causing trouble on Eternia. Prince Adam tells viewers to share big problems with someone who cares, rather than feeling ashamed to ask for help.

Episodes 18 - Creatures from the Tar Swamp
When Prince Adam's snobbish cousin, Lady Edwina, comes to the palace, Orko is immediately attracted to her, but Orko figures the only way he can impress her is if he finds the Magic Medallion he lost in the Tar Swamp. Prince Adam tells viewers gifts can make others act nicely toward them, but it can not buy a true friend.

Episodes 19 - Quest for He-Man
Skeletor wipes He-Man's memory and sends him to a distant, polluted planet called Trannis. Orko, Ram Man and Cringer must travel to this strange world to find He-Man themselves and to face the evil Plundor. Zodac tells viewers to protect their ecosystem from wasteful and dangerous pollution.

Episodes 20 - Dawn of Dragoon
Dree Elle appears on Eternia begging for help from Orko to save Trolla from a monster called Dragoon which is threatening their home world. Skeletor and his Evil Warriors do not appear in this episode. He-Man reminds viewers what Prince Adam said after "Daimar the Demon"; if a problem is too much, ask for help from someone you trust.

Episodes 21 - The Royal Cousin
Prince Adam's cousin Jeremy comes to town, but proves to be nothing but a trouble-maker for everyone, especially when he unwittingly finds himself aiding Evil-Lyn in her latest scheme. Tri-Klops appears. Orko and He-Man tell viewers attention seeking attracts a bad kind of attention, while being polite and helpful makes people like you.

Episodes 22 - Song of Celice
The kingdom of Tahryn is living with the permanent threat of being destroyed by a monster called Yog, which can only be kept asleep by the singing of the beautiful Celice. When Skeletor learns of this threat, he captures Celice in an attempt to use the demon to his advantage. Teela tells viewers music can help them feel better, and suggests singing, humming or whistling when sad.

Episodes 23 - The Return of Orko's Uncle
When Orko's Uncle Montork visits Eternia for a second time, he is followed by an evil magician called Azrog who puts Orko under an evil spell. Orko tells viewers to appreciate the simpler magic in life, such as rainbows or life itself.

Episodes 24 - Wizard of Stone Mountain
A lovelorn wizard named Mallek makes a pact with an evil demon called Lokus to win the heart of Teela, but soon finds himself controlled by the demon. Teela tells viewers they may get away with a bad deed for a while, but it will eventually be punished.

Episodes 25 - Evilseed
Plants are starting to grow wild all over Eternia, causing trouble for both He-Man and Skeletor. The two enemies must team up to defeat Evilseed, a plant-like villain looking to take over Eternia for himself. Teela tells viewers cooperation makes a job easier, and by respecting others' contrary opinions, they may learn something.

Episodes 26 - Ordeal in the Darklands
Evil-Lyn kidnaps the daughter of the powerful wizard Kor, and frames He-Man for the crime in the hope that Kor will use his power to defeat He-Man. Tri-Klops appears. Teela and Man-at-Arms tell viewers to resist the impulse to do something their wiser parent says is dangerous.

Episodes 27 - Orko's Favorite Uncle
Orko’s Uncle Montork appears on Eternia, but is captured and turned evil by the wizard Tauron, who orders him to attack Castle Grayskull. Orko tells viewers to appreciate the greatest magic of all during their daily life, which is life itself.

Episodes 28 - The Defection
A formerly evil sorceress named Sibyline, who has defected to the side of good, enlists the help of He-Man to help free the Isle of Tears from the rule of her former master, the monstrous Gorgon. Teela and He-Man tell viewers anyone can change their bad habits, and the first step is telling themselves, "I can."

Episodes 29 - Prince Adam No More
When Prince Adam learns that his father views him as irresponsible, he yearns to give up his secret identity to prove himself to his father. Orko tells viewers parental love is the strongest love there is, and suggests telling their parents "I love you".

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