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Oggy and the Cockroaches Episodes in Hindi [HD]

Lazy cat Oggy enjoys living a simple life -- eating and watching TV are among his favorite hobbies. Unfortunately, his roommates often get in the way of his laziness. Those roommates are tiny cockroaches Joey, Marky and Dee Dee, who like to cause mayhem like raiding Oggy's fridge, making big messes and forcing the cat to clean up after them.

Hindi Episodes HD 720p
Season 4

Episode 08 - Panic Room
Exasperated at constantly being the butt of the roaches' practical jokes, Oggy locks himself in a CCTV room where he can activate various traps he has set all over the house.

Episode 09 - Into the Wild
Oggy and Jack go hiking on the GR 20 trail across the island of Corsica, so do the roaches. They sabotage Jack's compass and the two cats get lost in the wild, which turns out to be pretty frightening.

Episode 11 - Lightning Visit
Oggy's relatives arrive at Oggy's house for a visit. As such, Oggy is determined protect his visitors from the roaches' plots, or else the visit will turn into a historical disaster.

Episode 12 - Oggy's shadow
The roaches have trapped Oggy with lights and nailed his shadow as they are about to, as usual, raid the fridge. When Oggy breaks free, his shadow is still trapped and then becomes stray.

Episode 13 - Buddy Parrot
One day, Oggy finds a parrot which repeats anything he says and does, and decides to take it home. As the parrot is at Oggy's house, Dee Dee becomes very obsessed with the parrot, and wants to get its feathers only for food.

Episode 15 - The Cube
Oggy finds a metal cube on his yard, and decides to take it to his living room, not knowing the cube soon causes trouble for his friends as it grows bigger until it entrances him.

Episode 16 - A Charming Guy
Oggy has problems expressing his feelings for Olivia. To make matters worse, the roaches come along to ruin Oggy's every attempt to impress Olivia.

Episode 17 - Fly for Fun
When a helicopter lands on Oggy's yard, Oggy decides to take control of it for a while. Suddenly, Joey falls in love with the helicopter, thinking it's a giant female dragonfly and leaving the other roaches in confusion and harder for Oggy to control it.

Episode 18 - Olivia's Pimple
Olivia notices a pimple on her face and refuses to leave her home.

Episode 19 - The Ice Rink
It is an icy day, and when Bob crashes into a fire hydrant, Oggy's yard turns into a large ice rink. Oggy and Olivia decide to have some fun on the rink by going skating.

Episode 21 - Fly to the Sun
Following an explosion provoked by the roaches, the house and everyone inside find themselves in outer space and heading straight for the sun.

Episode 22 - Run, Olivia, Run
Olivia is taking part of a marathon, and Oggy comes with a bag with a bottle of water inside. However, the roaches, as usual, also come with him and are up to no good, stealing the bag, resulting in a big chase while the race is on.

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