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Perman Episodes in Hindi

"Superman" (not to be confused with the American superhero Superman), later "Birdman", gives a clumsy human boy, Mitsuo Suwa, three items to help him as Perman, Superman/Birdman's apprentice A helmet which multiplies the wearer's physical strength by 6600 and the ability for the wearer to have the power of omnilingualism by spinning the ear part of the helmet, A cape that allows the wearer to fly at a speed of 119 km/h and run with great speed, A badge which enables the wearer to communicate with other Permen and to breathe underwater and in space.

Hindi Episodes 

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 21
Episode 22
Episode 23
Episode 24
Episode 25
Episode 26
Episode 27

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