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Ryukendo Episodes in Hindi

Akebono City is a peaceful community overflowing with humanity. Since there was a Power Spot that released magical power in the community, the people were distressed by the threat of the demon army Jamanga who are gathering Minus Energy from the frightened masses for a sinister purpose. The secret organization SHOT was formed to protect the people of the community from the Jamanga, concealing their existence as ordinary members of the Akebono Police Station, which considers demons beyond their jurisdiction.

HINDI Episodes

Episode 13 - A Time-Suprassing Meeting
Fudou and Kenji stake out the hideout of Dobunezumi Boy, a thief. Kenji sees the thief and chases him. RyuGunOu fights off the Tsukaima, but doesn't seem to recognize Kenji, being surprised that he knows his real name

Episode 14 - The New Enemy
Lady Gold disguises herself as a human to collect Minus Energy. RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu are soon called out to fight Tsukaima as Lady Gold unleashes her own special Tsukaima servants

Episode 15 - Fear Squirming in the Darkness
A man named Koichi fights a Tsukaima. Amachi announces that with the arrival of the two new enemies, he is leaving for SHOT's headquarters, the Bureau of Planetary Safety. As Ichiko and Ritsuko eat lunch, Ritsuko and others begin to grow metal on their bodies

Episode 16 - Enemy Friend
Amachi finds records of RyuJinOu fighing Jamanga in Italy, Greece and England, believing him top have stolen the Madan RyuCore. A large rock crashes in Akebono, but it soon transforming into the demon Rock Crimson. RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fight it but are overpowered

Episode 17 - How About a Nightmare
Amachi learns that after his parents died, Koichi was thought to have died in a fire. Dr. Worm uses a piece of Rock Crimson to revive him. Amachi returns to Akebono's SHOT base. Kenji and Fudou get tricked into covering Ritsuko and Ichiko's night shift

Episode 18 - Sealed Wings! Thunder Eagle!
Mikurya of SHOT's Development section arrives in Akebono. Meanwhile, Dr. Worm and Lady Gold plot to use Koichi's trauma over his parents to destroy him. Koichi is soon attacked by Tsukaima, giving Lady Gold time to infect his heart with her magic

Episode 20 - Fudou-san's Agonizing Day
RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fight Tsukaima as the demon Ruckus begins stealing from people's homes. Fudou is assigned to protect a girl named Sarina from the demon but she insists on playing tricks on him as she is lonely with her father at work

Episode 21 - Farewell, Moonlight Swordsman
SHOT prepares for the upcoming solar eclipse. Kenji is reminded of Jack Moon. Jamanga prepares to execute Jack Moon but he escapes to Akebono where he is soon attacked by RyuJinOu

Episode 22 - Martial Arts Conference in Town
Dr. Worm resurrects Rock Crimson using pieces of his shattered body collected by Lady Gold's Tsukaima, despite the efforts of the three Madan Warriors. After the fight, Koichi,

Episode 23 - Visitor From Outer Space
Kaori and her friends walk home after visiting the baths. Talk turns to Kenji as the Tsukaima attack. When RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu arrive, a heart shaped UFO appears and takes the Tsukaima away. Kaori reveals that the night before

Episode 24 - Great Decisive Aerial Battle
As Setoyama works on GouRyuGun's Ryu Core, Amachi remembers when the Cores were first experimented on by SHOT. While the Core is taken to a special facility in an attempt to restore GouRyuGun, Fudou and Kenji consider the future without it. 

Episode 25 - DaiMaOh's Egg
Dr. Worm uses the Regeneration Key to create an army of revived demons to gather Minus Energy for DaiMaOh. Rin receives a package from Hiroshi Teshigawara, someone she doesn't know, until reminded that she helped save him from a thief.

Episode 26 - SHOT Special Course! Who's the Champion
Amachi announces that there will be a special SHOT training course as Kenji has been getting lax lately. Fudou is even recalled from national defense duty to take part. The winner will receive a new Madan Key. 

Episode 27 - Power Up! Magna Ryuguno
A young boy named Kiyoshi disappears from his room. His mother finds him trapped inside his computer. In the computer's world, Kiyoshi sees his mother, but she keeps disappearing. In the real world, Kenji and Rin patrol the city. Kiyoshu's mother asks for their help in rescuing him. Kenji falls for the same trap 

Episode 28 - Direct to the Machine's Heart
A man attacks a fairground. He is revealed to be a robot among many, the Demon Droids Jamaroid, who work for Count Bloody. RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu arrive to fight him and his accomplices. They capture a functioning android

Episode 29 - Birth! God Ryukendo
Dr. Worm creates a new Madan Key which DaiMaOu infuses with a piece of his own body to create a demon, Grim Goblin. RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu fight it, but Grim Goblin captures GekiRyuKen and turns it against Kenji

Episode 30 - Tunnel of Perplexity
A woman is chased into a cave by a demon. Unable to decide on dinner, Kenji also finds himself in the cave, but makes himself leave again without seeing the demon. Ritsuko and Ichiko find a woman in the road as Kenji and Fudou investigate people disappearing and them returning.

Episode 31 - The Akebono Great Incident
Setoyama shows Kenji that Madan keys they have recovered from defeated demons but cannot get to work. Dr. Worm and Lady Gold plan to get the keys back so they can use them. Setoyama sets off to take the Keys to SHOT's laboratory. At the same time, a bank delivery car leaves. The Jamanga and some bank robbers confuse the two cars and steal the wrong suitcases

Episode 33 - Trinity! Ryujinou's New Power
Setoyama attempts to activate a new Madan Key, but it doesn't work. It may be meant for Koichi. Koichi is visiting Kari's flower shop and learns that she is the poster girl for the shopping district sales. ater, while looking into a mirror, Kaori is attacked by the demon FaceCease

Episode 34 - The World's Largest Umbrella
Rin is attacked by Tsukaima. Her policeman friend, Kobashiri, comes to help but it takes God RyuKenDo to defeat them. RyuKenDo carries Rin away, chased by Kobashiri. Lady Gold picks up Kobashiri's umbrella which releases Minus Energy from his jealousy

Episode 35 - Targeted Akebono Stage
Dr. Worm learns of Akebono's 'demon safety workshop' and vows to ruin it. However, Count Bloody summons Jack Moon. At the workshop, Chief Yukimura bores everyone with his long speech. Kenji, playing a demon gets dressed up as Hiroshi, the man Rin went on a date with, helps to build the backdrop

Episode 36 - The Fighting Ghost
Count Bloody introduces MechaniMoon to Dr. Worm. Meanwhile at SHOT, Kenji and Fudou analyze their data on Jack Moon. Komachi appears to Kenji to help him again. Dr. Worm's new demon, Makoda, attacks the city, but the three Madan Warriors arrive to fight it. However, their attakcs don't work on it. 

Episode 37 - The Yellow Ring of Happiness
At the Power Spot, an energy discharge hits near Ichiko. She finds a yellow crystal and decides to keep it. Dr. Worm senses Rock Crimson and sure that a piece of him survived destruction. At night, Ichiko's crystal revives Rock Crimson who crushes a car

Episode 38 - Rescue the SHOT Base
God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu fight Tsukaima, one of which leaves a Madan Key when it is destroyed. Fudou takes the key to Setoyama, but it causes magic activation device to overload when he tests it.This was Count Bloody's plan to destroy SHOT when it explodes

Episode 39 - The Wings of Light Whirl to the Stars
Dr. Worm and Count Bloody agree to work together for DaiMaOu and launch the demon Magical Satellite Grenstar into space. Meanwhile, Koichi teaches Kaori and a group of people how to fight with the staff. Grenstar begins attacking the city from orbit. To stop it, Koichi suggests they use Akebono's own magic energy to travel into space

Episode 40 - Worst Maneuvers in History
God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu fight Tsukaima when one of them starts filming the battle. Dr. Worm uses the Madan Keys within the camera, which now contain information on the Madan Warriors' attacks, to create a demon, but Lady Gold gets in the way and Niman is made

Episode 41 - Ryujino Becomes a Doll
After seeing a boy getting bullied, Koichi tells the boy that he should resist if he wants his help. The boy reveals that he had a present for RyuJinOu, which the bullies throw away. Meanwhile, Count Bloody finds a potion which he intends to use on RyuJinOu. Koichi is injected with the potion while fighting Tsukaima

Episode 42 - Magical Recipe
DaiMaOu's day of revival draws near. In the city, strange accidents are occuring despite there being no Jamanga activity for over a week. Fudou is nearly crushed by a metal girder and notices that the construction worker seemed tired, like his Minus Energy had recently been taken

Episode 43 - My Hero
At SHOT, Kenji buys everyone a snack, but eats Rin's, much to her annoyance. Kaori and Kichi arrive at police headquarters. Kaori asks everyone to go to Akobono Tower as Koichi has never been. To get back at Kenji, Rin suggests Kaori and Koichi go alone as a date

Episode 44 - Akebono City is Closed
At night, a theatre security guard sees Komachi, who he believes to be a ghost. The next day, God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu fight Tsukaima but encounter Dr. Worm's magic sleeping gas. Count Bloy suggests that they seal off all of Akebono and release the gas.

Episode 45 - All Jamanga Appear! Superior Maneuver
Setoyama works on the magic machine as he feels he is useless when it comes to fighting the demons. God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu fight Tsukaima who are digging up one of the four stone monuments that serve to hide SHOT HQ, leaving it exposed apart from the police station above

Episode 46 - The Fourth Target
Dr. Worm mourns Rock Crimson's passing and vows revenge. Meanwhile, everyone at SHOT fights over the gold key as Kenji wants to use it again before it is tuned. Amachi takes it away. In Jamanga, everyone but Dr. Worm learns that their bodies also contain keys

Episode 47 - The Mysterious Dragon Warrior
Kenji is playing baseball but doesn't do very well and gives up when GekiRyuKen upsets him. meanwhile, the final page of the Kanon of Light opens for Setoyama as he tunes the Ultimate Key. After GekiRyuKen reacts strangely, Kenji finds a man who doesn't know where he is.

Episode 48 - Ultimate Armament! Ultimate Ryukendo
DaiMaOu finally speaks to Bloody and Lady Gold as Setoyama learns that he will revive with the next setting sun. Soon enough, DaiMaOu attacks the city as it is evacuated. The defeat DaiMaOu, Kenji, Fudou and Koichi must get the other Ultimate Keys from Bloody and Lady Gold.

Episode 49 - DaiMaOh Revived! Never Ending Battle
Jamanga is defeated, but as the townspeople celebrate and SHOT repairs it's systems, a giant DaiMaOu appears with Dr. Worm and powers up the remaining Tsukaima. SHOT learns that DaiMaOu is still growing, but they eventually find him 

Episode 50 - The Key That Opens the Future
The Madan Warriors fight DaiMaOu but lose with RyuGunOu and RyuJinOu ending up tied to crosses in the desert. Komachi visits Kenji in hospital, but he leaves as DaiMaou begins turning the townspeople into a new army of Tsukaima. Unable to fight them,

Episode 51 - The Black Moonlit Night of Christmas
It's Christmas in Akebono as Jack Moon reappears in the forest seeking to learn of Jamanga and RyuKenDo since he was defeated. Rin remembers an old boyfriend who was trying to protect the nearby river from pollution RyuGunOu fights Jack Moon, who asks to fight RyuKenDo at the last place they did battle

Episode 52 - Farewell, Madan Warriors! [Season Finale]
Akebono begins the new year finally free of the Jamanga. Umi and Rin question Kenji as to what he'll do next.  tells him he must decide for himself as one day, they may not be together. At the Power Spot demons begin to emerge, landing in the city and attacking the townspeople

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