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Shaktimaan Animated Episodes in Hindi

Vehan Arya and Kilvish were both students at a Himalayan monastery[2] where they received psychic training on harnessing yogic energy from seven gurus. Kilvish and Vehan both excelled at these trainings but whereas Kilvish had no sympathy for his fellow students, Vehan had a heart filled with love and compassion for his fellow students. The gurus therefore decided to name Vehan as the “chosen student”. At this Kilvish lost his temper and killed his fellow-students. Vehan’s death at Kilvish’s hand was however prevented by the Gurus. Kilvish left the monastery but Vehan resolved to avenge the death of his mates. Kilvish had secretly obtained training from an evil-mystic to gain evil powers.

HINDI Episodes

Episode 01 - The Battle Begins
Episode 02 - Subway to Disaste
Episode 03 - Fuels Rush In
Episode 04 - Genius’ Fly Trap
Episode 05 - The Taj Kilvish
Episode 06 - Descent Into Darkness
Episode 07 - Terror in the Sky
Episode 08 - Tsunami!
Episode 09 - Blackout
Episode 10 - Endangered Species
Episode 11 - Zombie Attack
Episode 12 - Volcanic Villain
Episode 13 - Unfinished Business
Episode 14 - True Identity
Episode 15 - Jackol’s Revenge
Episode 16 - Madman at Work
Episode 17 - Out of Focus
Episode 18 - Return of Kilvish
Episode 19 - Demon Lord
Episode 20 - Gorilla Trap
Episode 21 - Negative Nex
Episode 22 - Kite Fright
Episode 23 - Shaktimaan Unmasked
Episode 24 - Crystal of Darkness
Episode 25 - Dark League
Episode 26 - Ultimate Power

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