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The Incredible Hulk (1996) Episodes in Hindi

The first season begins with Dr. Robert Bruce Banner already established as the Hulk and on the run,[4] captured by the military after another attempt at ridding himself of the beast within goes awry. He eventually escapes, and falls into the hands of The Leader who is served by Gargoyle and Abomination. The intervention of mutated cave dwelling gamma creatures, Banner's loyal friend Rick Jones, and the love of his life Betty Ross (like in many comic book incarnations, Betty along with Doc Samson is seen here trying to find a cure for Bruce Banner

Hindi Episodes
Season 1

Episode 11 - Darkness and Light, Part 1
Episode 12 - Darkness and Light, Part 2

Season 2 

Episode 1 - Hulk of a Different Color
Episode 2 - Down Memory Lane
Episode 8 - Mission: Incredible

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