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The Spectacular Spider-Man Episodes in Hindi [HD]

The first season features a shy bookworm named Peter Parker beginning his junior year at Midtown Manhattan Magnet High School, having only being bitten by the radioactive spider and acquired his powers and alias as Spider-Man in recent months. While harassed at school, particularly by football star Flash Thompson, he is close friends with classmates Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn. In order to help support his Aunt May after the death of his Uncle Ben, Peter is able to get a job as a freelance photographer at the Daily Bugle, owned by the loudmouth, irascible, egotistical, and gruff publisher named J. Jonah Jameson

Hindi Episodes HD 720p

Episode 02 - Interactions
Peter Parker attempts to tutor the popular Liz Allan while Spider-Man tries to stop Electro, who will stop at nothing to find a cure for the accident that made him who he is.
Episode 03 - Natural
Peter Parker and Spider-Man both must learn to own their choices when decisions made by Dr. Curt Connors transform him into the Lizard.

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