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Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episodes in Hindi [HD]

Years after the events of Predacons Rising, Cybertron's genesis brings forth a new age of prosperity to a new generation of Transformers. Earth no longer remembers the Decepticon-Autobot conflict as Cybertronians stopped visiting the planet. Bumblebee has since become a seasoned Cybertronian police officer and despite his fame, he chooses to be a humble peacekeeper. Things change when he is summoned by the vision of Optimus Prime. Thought to be long dead after restoring Cybertron's population, Optimus Prime calls for Bumblebee to return to Earth as a new threat appears.

Hindi Episodes HD 720p

Episode 01 - Pilot, Part 1
While helping Strongarm to apprehend Sideswipe, Bumblebee gets a vision of Optimus Prime that draws Bumblebee back to Earth with Strongarm and Sideswipe along for the ride. He finds that the Decepticon prison ship Alchemor has crash-landed on Earth and its Decepticon inmates have escaped. After using a Space Bridge to arrive on Earth, they discover a lone Chompazoid called Underbite

Episode 02 - Pilot, Part 2
Upon allying with the Mini-Con Fixit and the Decepticon prisoner Grimlock, Bumblebee leads them, Strongarm, and Sideswipe in rounding up the escaped Decepticon prisoners, starting with the car-dinosaur Underbite. Their hunt for Underbite leads to them befriending Denny Clay and his son Russell. All of them must struggle to stop the metal-eating Decepticon

Episode 03 - Trust Exercises
While Bumblebee works to get Grimlock to trust them, they must work together when the pirate Sharkticon Hammerstrike has been targeting oil tankers to recreate his home environment. Meanwhile, the others have an encounter with Steeljaw, a charismatic Decepticon who wishes to make Earth the inhabitation of all the Alchemor inmates.

Episode 04 - More Than Meets the Eye
As Russell nervously tries befriending the neighborhood kids playing football, Fixit (who wants to get his first field assignment) gets in way over his head when it comes to catching the combiner Decepticon prisoner Chop Shop, who plans to construct a spaceship to take-off the Earth and wreak havoc.

Episode 06 - As the Kospego Commands
Sideswipe's loyalty to the team comes into question as he and Bumblebee track down a Decepticon crime boss named Thunderhoof, who wishes to complete a Space Bridge to Cybertron.

Episode 08 - True Colors
When Grimlock suddenly starts attacking his teammates, Bumblebee must figure out why the bombastic Dinobot has turned from friend to foe. They discover that the prisoner Minitron, who has been working for Steeljaw to retrieve the stasis cell of Underbite, is behind Grimlock's rampage.

Episode 09 - Rumble in the Jungle
While Strongarm's first "solo" mission in South America to catch the Decepticon prisoner Springload, who is obsessed with finding the mythical, lost city of Doradus to claim its treasure, is marred by an over-protective Bumblebee, Denny and Fixit's rivalry comes to a head.

Episode 11 - Adventures in Bumblebee-Sitting
While in pursuit of the rebellious Decepticon anarchist Quillfire, Bumblebee is exposed to one of Quillfire's toxic quills that impacts his maturity leaving the rest of the team to deal with both an escaped fugitive and a hyperactive leader.

Episode 13 - Out of Focus
Bumblebee's group works to bring in a group of Skunkticon Thieves led by Malodor. Meanwhile, in the Realm of the Primes, Optimus Prime prepares himself for an evil that will threaten both Earth and Cybertron while being trained by the first Mini-Con Micronus Prime. Debuts: Malodor, Skunkticons, and Micronus.

Episode 14 - Sideways
Bumblebee's group encounter the crab-like Decepticon Clampdown, who inadvertently leads them to Steeljaw, who has Underbite, Thunderhoof, and Fracture on his side. A battle ensues in one of Crown City's landfills, in which Bumblebee faces a near-death experience.

Episode 15 - Even Robots Have Nightmares
Denny and the Autobots are captured by a murderous, vampire Deception called Nightstrike in the cave system outside Crown City who bring their worst fears to life by his sonic scream. Now, a panic-stricken Russell has to race against time to rescue them.

Episode 17 - One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing
Drift returns to Earth in pursuit of a disgruntled, runaway Jetstorm, who left without reason. At the same time, Bumblebee's team faces Springload and Quillfire who have escaped from their stasis cells. Springload's madness for the search of Doradus leads Quillfire to steal a giant experimental tank form a military base, proving a difficult challenge for the team.

Episode 18 - Deep Trouble
Unaware that Grimlock hides a serious injury, Bumblebee and the team make their way to the ocean in pursuit of an escaped aquatic Decepticon named Octopunch, who retreats to a Cybertronian spacecraft to activate its engines and leave Earth.

Episode 19 - The Champ
Former gladiator-turned-Decepticon Groundpounder escapes and takes part in a televised fight in the Rumbledome stadium and the Autobots have to depend on Grimlock and his brawn to help defeat him and his devious coach Headlock.

Episode 20 - The Trouble with Fixit
Fixit becomes increasingly buggy. Denny tries to repair him, but it goes horribly wrong, wakes his guard program and converts Fixit into a fully weaponized and lethal prison guard who mistakes the Bee Team for Decepticon fugitives. Armed with an arsenal, he tries to attack the others. Meanwhile, Chop Shop's right arm component makes another attempt to free the rest of Chop Shop and succeeds in causing more troubles for Bumblebee's group.

Episode 21 - Lockout
Steeljaw and his group manage to get into the scrapyard to release their fellow Decepticon prisoners that the Autobots have captured up to now and establish a sonic field around the scrapyard which they cannot evade. Our heroes will have to show cunning to thwart their plan and regain control of the scrapyard.

Episode 22 - Similarly Different
Grimlock discovers another Dinobot fugitive named Scowl with whom he sympathizes. A restless Grimlock ponders returning to old habits, he helps him flee, but it does not take long to destroy everything and terrorize the humans as Grimlock is unaware that Scowl was a hired muscle of Thunderhoof on Cybertron. Our heroes will have to join forces to stop Scowl

Episode 23 - The Buzz on Windblade
Sideswipe meets a new,female and ancient Autobot named Windblade on a mission for Primus after she has defeated "Fancyclaws". She agrees to team up with Bumblebee's group to bring in a Decepticon named Zizza, who desires to spread her toxin airport by airport to hypnotize humans and take over the world.

Episode 24 - Ghosts and Impostors
When Bumblebee decides to show his team the beauty of Earth, he takes them to a ghost town called Edmond Ville in the Far West where the shape-shifting Decepticon Pseudo awaits them. As they wander through the town, Bumblebee's group gets into various hijinks and trigger multiple traps. Afterwards, Bumblebee finds his team fighting something that isn't really there and stops them. Pseudo opens various holes in the floor, trapping Bumblebee's group. However, they must capture Pseudo before it is too late.

Episode 25 - Battlegrounds, Part 1
Bumblebee's team finds themselves in trouble when Strongarm, Windblade and Sideswipe are captured by Steeljaw's pack. In the wake of a coming threat to Earth the Primes decide to send Optimus there despite his training being not yet complete. The Bee Team must prevent Steeljaw's pack from teleporting that same threat onto Earth.

Episode 26 - Battlegrounds, Part 2
Megatronus, the Fallen, has returned from exile and prepares to send both Earth and Cybertron into oblivion. Bumblebee's team, reunited with newly revived Optimus Prime must use everything they've learned to save both worlds from annihilation.

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