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Xiaolin Chronicles Episodes in Hindi [HD]

Omi, Kimiko, and Clay have recently risen to the rank of Shoku Warrior except for Raimundo, who already became a Shoku Warrior, where they must continue to uphold their duty of finding and collecting all of the mystical Shen Gong Wu power objects before the forces of evil do. They are joined by a recruit from Europe named Ping Pong, who competes with a mysterious girl named Willow for the position of Xiaolin Apprentice.

Hindi Episodes HD 720p

Episode 01 – A New Monk in Town
Omi takes newcomer Ping Pong on as his protégé, but eventually grows jealous of Ping Pong when he becomes everyone's favorite. This causes a rift between the Monks, further complicated by the arrival of a beautiful new candidate.

Episode 02 – A Girl Named Willow
Willow and Ping Pong compete for the Xiaolin Apprentice top spot, as well as for Omi's attention. Meanwhile, Kimiko grows suspicious of Willow's motives.

Episode 03 – The Fall of Xiaolin
When Willow uses her charms on all the boys in the temple, Kimiko becomes even more suspicious and she eventually discovers Willow's secret double identity as Shadow. Meanwhile, Chase Young captures Ping Pong and takes revenge on Xiaolin by destroying the temple. Now the Xiaolin Monks must go on a journey to find a new Xiaolin Temple.

Episode 07 – Laws of Nature
Chase Young discovers a weak link in the ecological order that, if manipulated properly, will cause a domino effect of cataclysmic destruction. Meanwhile, Jack's mishaps causes Chase's evil plan to backfire.

Episode 09 – Xiaolin Redemption
The heroes must escort the dangerous, slippery Salvador Cumo (a criminal that can turn into a humanoid Komodo dragon) to prison. Along the journey, Raimundo winds up falling prey to Salvador's charm and childhood stories which puts the Monks' lives and mission at risk. Meanwhile, Wuya plans to recruit Salvador Cumo to her side.

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