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Yo-kai Watch Episodes in Hindi [HD]

One day while searching for bugs in the woods near the town of Springdale (Sakura New Town in Japan), a boy named Nate (Keita) comes across a peculiar capsule machine next to a sacred tree. When he opens one of the capsules up, it brings forth the Yo-kai Whisper, who gives Nate a special device known as the Yo-kai Watch. Using this, Nate is able to identify and see various different Yo-kai that are haunting people and causing mischief.

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Episode 01 - Yo-Kai Are Real! / The Spooky Intersection
Nate is introduced into the world of the Yo-kai when he frees the Yo-kai butler Whisper from a capsule machine and receives the Yo-kai Watch, just in time to save his parents' marriage from the unintentional disruption of the Yo-kai Dismarelda with her husband Happierre. 

Episode 02 - The Famous One / Why Did You Say That! / Fumi's Depression
Nate tells Whisper that people are talking about a specific Yo-kai, which Whisper says is a kappa; they try to find it, while the kappa Yo-kai Walkappa tries to get their attention. Nate's day at school is disrupted by the Yo-kai Tattletell, who possesses his friend Katie and makes her reveal a personal secret that embarrasses him. Later, when Katie is feeling down and won't say why, Nate uses Tattletell to figure out wha she is hiding.

Episode 03 - The Rare One / Yo-Kai Manjimutt / It's You Gurerulin! / Manjimutt Part 2
Whsiper talks about the Yo-kai Noko, and Nate sees it, but Whisper doesn't. Nate and Whisper meet the man-faced dog Yo-kai Manjimutt, who is soon arrested. Later, when Eddie begins to act like a rebel, Nate and Whisper discover he is being possessed by the Yo-kai Roughraff. While in prison, Manjimutt finds a want-ad for a barber.

Episode 04 - Yo-Kai Dictionary / Yo-Kai Himojii / Yo-Kai Wasurenbō / Jinmenken Part3
While Nate cleans his room, Whisper gives him the Yo-kai Medallium to store his Yo-kai Medals. Nate and Whisper discover the Yo-kai Hungramps is at the local convenience store, making people unnaturally hungry. Later, Nate and Whisper discover that the reason many people in class are all forgetting things is because of the Yo-kai Wazzat. Manjimutt's barber shop is ruined because everyone thinks he is a dog groomer.

Episode 05 - Jinmenken Part4 / Yo-Kai Maborōshi / Let's Exorcise
Manjimutt's newest venture, a photographer, is disrupted when his client discovers he is not the one who was supposed to photograph her. On Valentine's Day, Nate and Whisper discover that Eddie and Bear are under the spell of the illusion casting Yo-kai Illoo. Later, when Jibanyan moves into Nate's house, Nate must save him and Whisper from being rid by an exorcist who is hired after Nate's parents begin to realize Jibanyan's behavior.

Episode 06 - Jinmenken Part 5 / Yo-Kai Merameraion / Yo-Kai Negatibūn / The Forbidden Sleepover
Manjimutt tries an apprenticeship at a bakery, but cannot overcome his canine urges. During a park clean up, Nate and his friends get possessed by the Yo-kai Blazion, who makes them unusually fired up about the task. Nate gets a sore tooth and is sent to a dentist who is currently depressed because of the Yo-kai Negatibuzz. Bear and Eddie sleep over at Nate's house, and the three secretly watch a late night TV show, but their plans are later disrupted by the electricity-eating Yo-kai Signibble.

Episode 07 - Jinmenken Part 6 / Here's Komasan! / Yo-Kai Mitomen
Manjimutt goes into the countryside to make pottery, but his works are not appreciated by the police. The country bumpkin Yo-kai Komasan has just moved into the city, so Nate and Whsiper try to show him the ropes. The Yo-kai trio Nosirs are making an exam in class difficult.

Episode 08 - Jinmenken Part 7 / Yo-Kai Morezō / Yo-Kai Hikikōmori
Manjimutt decides to go to Hollywood to become a movie star, but is apprehended before he can leave the country. All the boys at school become overwhelmed with the urge to urinate, which Nate and Whisper discover is because of the Yo-kai Fidgephant. After Nate and Whisper return home, they find that Jibanyan has locked himself up in Nate's room, and Whisper realizes it must be because Jibanyan is possessed by the Yo-kai Hidabat.

Episode 09 - Komasan- The Return / Yo-Kai Semimaru / Robonyan Activate
Komasan's younger brother Komajiro comes to the city. After a failed treasure hunt, Nate and Whisper meet the cicada Yo-kai Cadin, who soon realizes that he will die within a week's time because he was not allowed to reincarnate as a cicada. Later, Nate and his Yo-kai companions meet Robonyan, Jibanyan's robot self from the future.

Episode 10 - Komasan- The First Ticket / Yo-Kai Tohohogisu / Legend Yo-Kai! Bushinyan Has Arrived
Komasan soon begins to realize that Komajiro is adapting to city life much faster than he anticipated, even picking up city lingo. After a spate of bad luck, Nate discovers he is being possessed by the Yo-kai Buhu, but she just needs his help to get back on her own feet. After Nate has collected many Yo-kai Medals, the Yo-kai Medallium summons the Legendary samurai Yo-kai Shogunyan.

Episode 11 - Komasan- The First Ticket / Yo-Kai Mudazukai / Yo-Kai Murikabe / Attention! That Guy Is Coming Back
Komasan is stymied by a subway turnstile, until Komajiro realizes that he needs a passcard to get through. Nate, Bear and Eddie head to the mall to buy a video game (comic book) they have been saving up for, but are unable to purchase it when the Yo-kai Spenp makes them spend their money frivolously. Later, the Yo-kai Noway continuously makes Nate deny requests and favors for others at school

Episode 12 - Komasan- The First Cellphone / Yo-Kai Onarazumono / Jinmenken Season 2- The Dog Escape- Episode 1
Komasan tries to explain the concept of cellphones to Komajiro, but Komajiro already has one and is going to meet his friends. While in class, Nate and Whisper discover the farting Yo-kai Cheeksqueek is up to no good. Manjimutt plans his escape from Alcatraz, but gets waylayed.

Episode 13 - Komasan- The First Fast Food / Yo-Kai Dansāzu / Yo-Kai Jinmenken Season 2- The Dog Escape- Episode 2
Using human disguises, Komasan takes Komajiro to a fast food restaurant, but while Komasan is overwhelmed by the choices, Komajiro buys his lunch easily. Nate and Whisper discover that Bear and Eddie are possessed by the Yo-kai Chatalie, who makes them brag and boast about themselves. During a physical education class on dancing, Nate dances well because of the dancing seaweed Yo-kai Wigglin

Episode 14 - Komasan- The First Tower / Yo-Kai Sharekofujin and Jimmy / Jinmenken Season 2- The Dog Escape- Episode 3
Komasan takes Komajiro to the giant Sakura Ex Tree tower, and is overwhelmed by the height, but Komajiro is unimpressed, at least until Komasan discovers a shooting star, impressing his younger brother once more. Nate's mother is suddenly overcome by the desire to dress gaudily for Parents' Day because of the Yo-kai Dazzabel, and the only way to counter her is with the gloomy and dull Yo-kai Dimmy

Episode 15 - Komasan- The First Night Out / Yo-Kai Nobosetonman / Yo-Kai Nagabana / Jinmenken Season 2- The Dog Escape- Episode 4
Komasan joins Komajiro for what he thinks is a festival, but is instead a night club where Komajiro is a popular regular known as K.J. and he has a human girlfriend. At the local hot spring (sentō), Nate and Whisper discover the Yo-kai Sproink is making the water incredibly hot. Later, the Yo-kai Babblong possesses Nate's homeroom teacher, making class unnecessarily long, and soon possesses Katie

Episode 16 - Golden Week Is Full of Yo-Kai! / Komasan- My Cool Bro / Jinmenken Season 2- The Dog Escape- Episode 5
The three main characters try to enjoy a spring break (Golden Week) trip with Nate's parents, but they become possessed by the Yo-kai Peppillon before they even get out the front door, and later encounter the Yo-kai Drizzle and Mirapo during the trip. Komasan helps Komajiro in a confrontation at the night club when everyone discovers he is from the countryside

Episode 17 - Komasan Season 2- The Rosy Bumpkin Episode 1 / Yo-Kai Sunesnake / Yo-Kai Harao-dori / Jinmenken Season 2- The Dog Escape- Episode 6
Komasan takes a job at the toy company Dandai as a janitor, and accidentally inspires the president to create a line of various toys and a mascot character that get popular, prompting Komasan's promotion. On Mother's Day, Nate's mother is possessed by the Yo-kai Cynake, who makes her upsetly unappreciative of her gifts. Later

Episode 18 - Kyubi's Heart Stealing Operation- The Meeting / Oni Time - Komasan Season 2- The Rosy Bumpkin Episode 2
The Yo-kai Kyubi arrives in Springdale (Sakura New Town) to steal women's hearts through charm, and sets his sights on stealing Katie's heart next, but cannot seem to succeed. When Nate's mother tells him to stay in the house and wait for a delivery while she is out, his act of defying her order sends him and his Yo-kai companions into the Terror (Oni) Time, a dimension children are sent into if they do not listen to their parents

Episode 19 - Komasan Season 2: The Rosy Bumpkin Episode 3 / Yo-kai Baku / Kyubi's Heart Stealing Operation: The Amusement Park
Komasan helps Dandai's president get in touch with his daughter, again, because she is looking for a new dance craze. The fellas discover the Yo-kai Baku has put Nate's entire class to sleep only looking for a particularly tasty dream to eat. Kyubi attempts to steal Katie's heart at the amusement park, but is not prepared for the human world's thrill rides.

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