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Zatch Bell Episodes in Hindi

One hundred Mamodo go to Earth every 1,000 years to battle to be the king of the Mamodo world. Each Mamodo needs a human partner in order to use his or her spell book, a book that seals the powers of the Mamodo. When read aloud, the spells are cast by the Mamodo producing many effects. If the spell book is burned, the Mamodo is forced to return to the Mamodo world, and they lose all claim to the position of the Mamodo king. While the spells in each book typically are different for each Mamodo, there are Mamodo that share spells, like Zatch Bell and his evil twin brother, Zeno Bell. The human and their Mamodo gain these spells through experience and hard work.

Hindi Episodes

Episode 01 - The Lightning Boy from Another World
A boy named Zatch Bell arrives at Kiyo Takamine's house and reveals that Kiyo's father sent him to train Kiyo. Zatch gives Kiyo a letter from his father which reveals that Kiyo's father found an amnesic Zatch unconscious in the forest and with him was a red book in a mysterious language. While arguing with Zatch, the book glows red and Zatch shoots lightning out of his mouth destroying Kiyo's wall

Episode 02 - A Freezing Spell
Kiyo is on the way to school with Zatch when they notice a lake has been frozen. Kiyo notices a man named Hosokawa holding a light blue book with a child named Reycom. On the way home, Kiyo notices Suzy on television in the middle of a bank robbery committed by Hosokawa. Kiyo, hesitant to help her, is persuaded by Zatch to save Suzy. Kiyo bikes there and he and Zatch

Episode 03 - The Second Spell
At school, the bank incident causes Kiyo to become popular with the students. On the way home, Kiyo and Zatch are attacked by Hosokawa and Reycom. Hosokawa reveals that he wants to use Zatch's powers for his own gain. In the midst of the battle, Kiyo is frozen to the ground. Hosokawa takes Kiyo's book but is unable to read it. Hosokawa grabs Zatch and attempts to fire a "Zaker"

Episode 04 - The Great Mamodo Battle
Zatch realizes from the battle that he was the cause of the lightning attacks. The next day, Kiyo spots Zatch trying to boast about his ability to fire lightning. They get into an argument and Zatch runs away. Zatch later meets and befriends a dog which accompanies him to Kiyo's house. At home, Kiyo is visited by the mysterious pair from before. They reveal Zatch is a Mamodo from the Mamodo

Episode 05 - The Dark Mamodo
The mysterious man, Renji, reveals he is the book user of the dog Mamodo, Gofure. Zatch is unwilling to fight, believing he is a monster and Kiyo would be better off without him. The pair easily defeat Renji and burn his book. During the battle, the pair are revealed to be Sherry Belmont and Brago. Using "Gravirei", they demand Kiyo to surrender his book or be killed by the spell

Episode 06 - The Mystery Of The Missing Red Book
Kiyo is hospitalized because of his wounds following the previous battle. A patient next to Kiyo in the hospital room is revealed to be a kid named Yuuta. Yuuta has been hospitalized longer than usual for a broken leg. When Kiyo tells Yuuta he will not heal if he does not eat, Yuuta steals Kiyo's book and threatens to burn it. Kiyo, Zatch, and Suzy search for Yuuta

Episode 07 - Botanical Madness
Zatch becomes friend with a strange-looking horse but the relationship is short-lived when the horse is launched into the sky by Zatch's bully. Kiyo takes Zatch and Suzy to a botanic garden when a Mamodo attacks everyone in the garden by strangling them with plant roots. Kiyo and Zatch manage to free everyone captured by the tree roots with "Zaker".

Episode 08 - A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu
A mamodo named Kolulu meets her human partner, Lori, who takes her on as a little sister. When Lori reads a spell from her book, it causes Kolulu to transform into a berserker who wishes to destroy everything. Kolulu cuts down a pillar, causing a car accident before transforming back. Kiyo, seeing the event on the news, investigates the scene.

Episode 09 - The Third Spell
The next day, Kiyo finds out a new page has become readable, revealing the third spell. Kiyo and Zatch head to a deserted area to practise the third spell "Jikerdor". When cast, nothing occurs and after multiple tries, they decide to give up. On their way home, they are attacked by a Mamodo named Fein and his partner Sebe. Kiyo manages to lead them to an abandoned building to prevent

Episode 10 - The Elite Mamodo
Zatch is helped by a kind man named Shin. Kiyo, noticing that his partner Eshros is holding a mamodo book realizes that Shin is a Mamodo. After secretly following them, they realize that Eshros is actually the Mamodo and that the pair intend to destroy a school tomorrow. Zatch follows the pair believing Shin to be a good person and learns that Eshro is manipulating 

Episode 11 - The Invincible Folgore
A Mamodo impersonates Kiyo after nailing him to the ceiling and attempts to get information out of Zatch for his book. After fooling Zatch and Suzy into believing he is Kiyo, Kiyo crashes down from the ceiling and the Mamodo reveals his true form. He reveals his name is Kanchome and his partner Parco Folgore came from Italy to defeat Zatch. Two hours later Folgore returns to combat Kiyo and Zatch

Episode 12 - Sherry's Rhapsody Of Life
Sherry and Brago are in a forest searching for a Mamodo and its partner. While there, Sherry reminisces about the past. In the past, Sherry is going to congratulate her friend Koko when she finds that Koko's city is on fire. Searching the city, she finds Koko brainwashed by the Mamodo Zofis. In the present time, Sherry and Brago engage in battle with the Mamodo they were searching for

Episode 13 - The Rematch Zatch and Hyde Meet Again
Eito and Hyde coincidentally find Kiyo and Zatch and wanting revenge, decides to follow them to school. Eito reminisces how he found Hyde's book and remembers how he wanted power after being bullied. Zatch finds the pair when he smells Eito's Yellowtail burger and a battle ensues. Hyde amazed at Zatch's progress flees with Eito. Eito decides to challenge Kiyo

Episode 14 - The Tomboy and the Pop Star
Kiyo and Suzy are attending a concert performed by Megumi Oumi. Backstage Megumi and her Mamodo Tia are worried that Maruss, the Mamodo that has been tracking them down to burn their book, may come and disrupt the concert. During the concert, Zatch sneaks in through the back door and meets Tia. Shortly after, Maruss and his book partner appear and start to wreak havoc

Episode 15 - A New Pledge Between Zatch and Tia
Zatch battles with Maruss and gains the advantage. Tia, inspired by Zatch's courage, decides to help Zatch defeat Maruss. With Maruss defeated, Megumi and Tia prepare to battle Kiyo and Zatch. To their surprise, Kiyo and Zatch wish them well and leave. Tia asks Zatch why he does not fight them and he explains that Tia is a good person, and if she does become the winner of the Mamodo battles

Episode 16 - The Invulnerable Robnos
Kiyo comes home and finds a notice demanding Kiyo and Zatch to go to a warehouse for Suzy's life. Kiyo arrives and meets the enemy Mamodo, Robnos, and his book keeper. A battle ensues and Kiyo is at a disadvantage. During the course of the battle, Kiyo is about unravel Robnos' attacks; He realizes that Robnos' laser attacks are able to reflect off the walls and that there were actually two Robnos firing lasers

Episode 17 - Kiyo's Curry Camping Trip
Summer Break has begun for Kiyo but he has to fulfill promises he made to people; the promise to help perfect an invisible pitch, catch 500 fish, hunt for a dinosaur, and helping create contact with aliens. With Zatch's help, he is able to fulfil the promises quickly. The next day, Kiyo goes with his class on a camping trip and Zatch secretly follows him

Episode 18 - London Calling
In England, Zatch and Kiyo run into Kanchome who asks for their assistance in finding Folgore. Using Zatch's nose, they track down Folgore by his scent. During their search, Kiyo meets Suzy, Megumi, and Tia who happens to be in England too. Zatch's nose leads them to a candy shop, a flower shop, and a toy store. The search ends when they find Folgore at a hospital with Suzy

Episode 19 - The Dark Lord of the Cursed Castle
Zatch manages to catch the thief whose name is Kory. Kiyo seeing a wound on Kory's arm takes him along to Kiyo's father's university where a doctor can look at it. They enter Kiyo's father's office only to find it in shambles. Kiyo notices a flower on the ground and Kory reveals its a flower of the dark lord's. He reveals that a dark lord is residing in a castle and kidnaps people from the village

Episode 20 - The Flowers of Evil
Steng demands Kiyo to surrender his book for Folgore and Kanchome's lives. Once he has the book, he reveals he has no intention of keeping that promise. Kory suddenly appears and steals Kiyo's book from Steng and while dodging Baltro's attacks, returns Kiyo's book. Folgore and Kanchome meanwhile manage to free themselves allowing Kiyo and Zatch to defeat Steng and Baltro

Episode 21 - Another Zatch
Zatch and Kiyo head towards the forest where Zatch was found. While crossing through a village, the villagers retreat in fear from Zatch's presence. On the way, they meet Megumi and Tia who reveal that they saw someone who looks like Zatch. In the forest, Zatch attracts snakes with his whistle but is saved by Professor Dartagnian in a fairy suit.

Episode 22 - The Dancing Mamodo
While practising the fourth spell, Zatch and Kiyo meet a girl named Djem and her Mamodo partner Yopopo. Djem explains that Yopopo's dance is able to attract Mamodos and that Yopopo is trying to call the Mamodo Kikuropu and his book owner as they attacked Djem's family. After she finished explaining, Yopopo is missing and Djem realizes that Yopopo found Kikuropu

Episode 23 - Go For It, Ponygon
Kiyo's father shows Kiyo a stone tablet that features a Mamodo creature with demonic writings at the bottom and tells Kiyo to phone him if he finds out what the stone tablet is. Kiyo and Zatch return to Japan and while retrieving his baggage, Zatch finds his horse friend. The horse takes an instant dislike to Kiyo but accompanies them home. Kiyo realizes that the horse is a Mamodo

Episode 24 - Apollo, The Free Traveler
After Zatch and Ponygon damage the gate in front of Kiyo's home, Kiyo goes to the store to buy supplies to fix it. While there, Suzy is almost hit by a car but is saved by a stranger and his Mamodo. Kiyo follows him and realizing that he's a good person, decides to avoid a battle. The stranger reveals that he knows Kiyo is a book owner. They talk and Kiyo learns that Apollo

Episode 25 - Apollo The Free Traveler Part 2
Apollo allows Kiyo to retrieve his book and warns Kiyo he will not hesitate to burn his book. Kiyo attempts to use "Bao Zakeruga" but nothing occurs once again. Kiyo begins to lose hope but Zatch's word return Kiyo's confidence. When Rops is hit by "Zaker", Zatch asks him what kind of king he will be and Rops shows his scarf to Apollo in reply. Apollo reminisces the origin

Episode 26 - A Day With Zatch
Zatch is out playing when Naomi chases him down and steals his lunch. Zatch distraught over the loss is comforted by a giant old woman. The woman reveals her name to be Nana Boba and proceeds to tell Zatch she is searching for the Hiromi, the soon to be wife of her son. Zatch volunteers to help her and suggests searching her son's house. There

Episode 27 - Danny Boy
A Shemira sculpture is coming to the museum and to describe art to Zatch, Kiyo tells him to imagine a delicious yellow-tail. Meanwhile, A Mamodo named Danny and his book owner Mr. Goldo are delivering the sculpture. Danny meets Zatch while buying fish and fights him thinking Zatch is after his book. Danny stops when Zatch tells him he is at the museum to see the Shemira sculpture

Episode 28 - Tia and Megumi's Excellent Adventure
Kiyo, Zatch, Megumi, and Tia made an appointment at go to an amusement park. On the way there, Megumi and Tio enter a clothes shop and meet a person named Maryl Caruno who asks Megumi if they can trade clothes for a while. Megumi agrees and after the trade, Maryl leaves with Megumi's wallet and book. Megumi chases her but is stopped by a butler who reveals Maryl recently became queen

Episode 29 - Amusement Park Battle
Zatch and Kiyo enter the amusement park. Meanwhile, two Mamodos and their human partner reminisce on how they became allies. Outside, the Mamodo decides to destroy an amusement park ride but is interrupted by Zatch's "Zaker". Kiyo leads the enemy to an empty part of the park. The pairs Lupa and Purio and Hige and Zoboron overpower Kiyo with their teamwork

Episode 30 - Zatch and Tia- A Fierce Combination
Zatch is still paralysed by Purio's poison gas attack. With Tia managing to hold off the attacks, Kiyo gets an idea. Using Purio's slime as glue, Kiyo attaches Zatch to Tia's back allowing Zatch to move and attack. They manage to defeat and burn Zoboron's book. Purio who gains a new spell, uses it to create a smokescreen and escapes. Kiyo, Zatch, Megumi, and Tia spend the rest return to the amusement park

Episode 31 - The Cute Transfer Student
Zatch finds a fragment of a mirror while diving for yellowtail. Kiyo and Zatch befriends a new transfer student, Shion and her cat Nya. Soon they are attacked by a Man and his Mamodo, Cut and Paste, who demands Zatch's mirror piece. "Zaker" proves ineffective against him as it gets redirected by Cut and Paste's scissors and "Rashield" is too weak Cut and Paste's attacks

Episode 32 - Shion's Secret
Shion and Nya plan to steal the mirror from Zatch. After many failed attempts, Shion decides she must force Zatch into combat to steal the mirror from him. She takes Zatch to a forest and reveals that Nya is a Mamodo. She then proceeds to attack Zatch for the mirror but is saved by Kiyo's timely arrival. During the battle, Shion reveals that her parents died six months ago

Episode 33 - The Joining of the Three
Kiyo and Zatch accompany Shion to meet a mamodo named Grisor. Grisor reveals that the demonic mirror has the ability to free a person from the Mamodo battles. He explains that the mirrors must be gathered in a mystical ruin nearby. Grisor meanwhile is revealed to be in contact with his book owner Dr. Hakase. Dr. Hakase reminisces about the first time he met Grisor

Episode 34 - Sunset Soaked in Tears
Kiyo, Zatch, and Shion chase after Grisor but fail in retrieving the mirror from him in time. Hakase uses the mirror and causes Grisor to grow into a monstrous being which increases his spell power by a hundred fold. They engage in battle but are unable to cause damage to Grisor. When Grisor aims a spell towards Shion, Nya pushes her out of the way but Nya's book is burnt in the process

Episode 35 - The Final Mirror Battle
Kiyo and Zatch continue their battle with Grisor. During the battle, Hakase explains the true origins of the mirror; the mirror was stolen by Grisor for the Mamodo battles but during his travel to the human world, it broke into three pieces and scattered across the world. An attack from Grisor knocks Zatch unconscious. As he prepares to knock Kiyo and Zatch into the magma

Episode 36 - Collision- Zatch vs. Naomi
Zatch is haunted by a nightmare about Naomi. The next day he decides to challenge Naomi to a duel, and if he wins, Naomi will have to stop bullying him. Kiyo and his friends meanwhile visit the zoo. There they learn that an African Lion by the name of Gabriel has escaped from the zoo. Back with Zatch, Zatch loses the first and second competition against Naomi

Episode 37 - Battle in Hong Kong
Li-en asks her father to return Wonrei to her but he refuses and sends her to Japan. On the way to the movies, Zatch and Kiyo's book is stolen by Li-en. She then returns their book and tells Kiyo that her father is a mafia boss and that he captured her Mamodo Wonrei. She asks Kiyo to help her free Wonrei. They travel to Hong Kong to an island where Li-en's father's mafia keep their treasure and weapons

Episode 38 - Battle in Hong Kong Part 2
After exiting the elevator, they meet Zabas who reveals his intention to kill Wonrei while he is in his cell. Kiyo and Zatch decide to distract Zabas while Li-en tries to free Wonrei. Wonrei reveals no intention of escaping fearing that Li-en would be hurt in the Mamodo battle. When Zabas is about to attack Li-en, Wonrei escapes from his cell and defeats Zabas

Episode 39 - The Invisible Hunter
Zatch loses at a lottery to win a yellowtail fish and a man decides to take pity on Zatch and gives him his tickets to an onsen. At the onsen, Kiyo finds a note in his room revealing the location of a secret onsen and an all you can eat yellow tail buffet. Upon arriving at the location, Kiyo realizes that it's a trap and they attacked by a Mamodo named Baransha and her human partner Garza

Episode 40 - Big Brother Kanchome
Kanchome while waiting for Folgore to sign autographs, sees some candy in the back of a truck and climbs into it. The truck's door closes and Kanchome is driven away. Kanchome ends up at a circus and while wandering around, finds a girl named Rushka. Kanchome then volunteers to be her big brother. He follows her back to her farm where Kanchome learns from her guardian

Episode 41 - Invincible Kanchome
After being severely injured by Bago, Folgore and Kanchome retreat. Rushka arrives to try Kanchome and her sheep but is kicked by Fredo. Kanchome seeing Rushka regains the will to fight. At that moment, the book glows and Folgore is able to read the third spell, "Dika Poruk". The third spell causes Kanchome to seemingly become an invincible giant but in reality

Episode 42 - Coldhearted Foes
Zatch has a fever but decides to accompany Kiyo to school anyways. Kiyo and Zatch get into an argument and Zatch collapses from the fever. After placing Zatch in the care of the school nurse, Kiyo finds Apollo at school. Apollo tells Kiyo that after Rops' book was burned, he became the president of his father's company. He then reveals that the Mamodo who burnt his was someone that resembles Zatch

Episode 43 - Praying Mantis Joe- The Hero of Justice
Zatch asks Kiyo to take him to a Praying Mantis Joe show at the mall. Kiyo refuses and Zatch leaves to go watch it with Umagon. Zatch meets Suzy and the teacher's wife, referred to as Wife, who are both also heading to the mall. Once there, Suzy and Wife realize the merchandise they wanted that was on sale was fake. After watching the Praying Mantis Joe show,

Episode 44 - Invitation to a Duel
A mamodo named Bari and his partner Gustav defeat a Mamodo. Bari feeling unsatisfied in his battles, decides to go to Japan where a strong Mamodo named Zatch resides. Bari finds Zatch and tells Zatch they shall battle in a factory three hours from now. Zatch and Kiyo arrive to the factory where they learn that there are still civilians in the factory. 

Episode 45 - Zatch vs. Bari
Kiyo and Zatch are overpowered by Bari's spells. Kiyo and Zatch resort to their strongest spell "Bao Zakeruga" but Bari is able to block it. Kiyo is unable to move or use spells after using "Bao Zakeruga" thus forcing Zatch to fight Bari hand to hand. Bari hesitates when he sees Zatch's eyes causing Bari to be knocked down. Zatch moves Kiyo to a safe place and continues his battle

Episode 46 - Ponygon's Close
Ponygon after seeing Zatch depressed about his loss goes and searches for his book owner. Ponygon finds a man named Doronma who resembles Ponygon and assumes he is his bookowner. Zatch following Ponygon's scent is invited alongside Ponygon to visit Doronma's house. Doronma asks Zatch and Ponygon to help him in his plan to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Zatch and Ponygon agree to help him and after robbing multiple jewellery stores, Doronma proposes to steal a diamond from a mansion

Episode 47 - Rumble in the Snow
Sherry and Brago are searching for a Mamodo in the snowy mountains. They come across an injured old man and his grandson, Jeff, who are being attacked by a bear. Sherry and Brago use their spell to scare the bear away and Brago then carries the man back to his house. The man explains that the bear killed the Jeff's parents and they intended to get revenge with it

Episode 48 - The Mystery of the Stone Tablets
Kiyo while shopping with Suzy finds a stone tablet similar to the one from before. Kiyo buys the stone and brings it home. He decides to use open minded tests on the stone while leaving the scientific methods to his father. Meanwhile, Zatch, Tia, and Ponygon decide to train for the tougher Mamodo battles ahead. Elsewhere, a strange man and his Mamodo Kido are on a plane heading to Japan to meet with Zatch

Episode 49 - Dr. Riddles and the Majestic Twelve
Kiyo and Zatch think of ways to get stronger until they are interrupted by Kido and his book keeper Dr. Riddles, who challenges Kiyo and Zatch to a battle. He reveals that the Majestic Twelve will be the one to fight him. Dr. Riddles then asks Kiyo to solve a riddle. After he answers correctly, Dr. Riddles and the Majestic Twelve leave. Dr. Riddles returns later and challenges Kiyo to a Mamodo battle. He reveals that if Kiyo defeats him

Episode 50 - The Sixth Spell
"Rauzaruk" surrounds Zatch in a rainbow coloured aura but its effect is unknown. While trying to figure out the effects of "Rauzaruk" the rainbow aura disappears and the effects of the spell wear off. Kiyo and Zatch become overwhelmed by Kido's army of clones. Kiyo realizes that the power Zatch wished for must be the spell's effect. Casting "Rauzaruk" again, Zatch is able to defeat all of Kido's clones. Zatch reveals that he wanted power to protect Kiyo.

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