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Zinba Episodes in Hindi [HD]

Zinba Warrior is the story of a world where human beings can associate and live with the animals having special powers called Zinba. Zinba and his battle with the beast has its own characteristics, they all have the weapons to equip themselves. Theybelieve in the legend when it exercises over the spiritual powers and spells Zinba turned into giant, it has the power to destroy so when Corpios enemy attack by spraying venom in the tail with special moves that destroy the new mystery is.

Hindi Episodes HD 720p

Episode 01 - Encounter
The juvenile KAN from the earth is summoned to the Kingdom of Toria , where he encounters attack from the giant creature -Zinba , and he’s rescued by the linker SHIBUKI and URANUS. Later he accidentally gets on the linker squad – DUX truck , to the maze valley, finding in a cave a golden Zinba.

Episode 02 - Joining the Dux
KAN and KINGSTAR establish the linking, following Dux to look for force stone that allows him back to the earth. In the Beauty Village, KAN has conflict with the wild Zinba NAGGLE and his linking capability is aroused, evolving the KINGSTAR, and pulling the light harpoon of NAGGLE. NAGGLE tells that it’s the Nine O’clock that attacks the Beauty Village.

Episode 03 - Initial Battle against Nine O’clock
KINGSTAR leaves the team due to his conflict with KAN, and it’s captured by BRUST.F and LINDA.F from the Nine O’clock team. To save KINGSTAR , KAN’S ability is stimulated , and rescues INGSTAR and produces synthetic force Stone , defeating BRUST.F and CORPIOS.

Episode 04 - Further Battle against Nine O’clock
KAN and URANUS’s relationship becomes strained. BRUST.F set up traps to hurt them. KAN spares the traps, but finds that the force stone chain is gone, so he has no choice but to hide attacks everywhere. SHIBUKI and URANUS arrive, and the three work together and dislodge BRUST.F and LINDA.F. The relationship between KAN and Uranus is as good as ever.

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