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Power Rangers Turbo Episodes in Hindi

After Maligore's defeat, Tommy Oliver, Kat Hillard, Adam Park and Tanya Sloan graduate from high school and prepare to resume life as normal. Seeking revenge, Divatox attacks the Rangers.[4] Soon after, the Rangers' longtime mentors, Zordon and Alpha 5 depart to return to Zordon's home planet of Eltar, making way for the spectral Dimitria of Inquiris and the next in the line of robots, Alpha 6. Other changes are also seen as Ernie leaves the series and Lt. Stone takes over the Juice Bar and Bulk and Skull are turned to chimps

Hindi Episodes 
[Complete Season]

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  1. thank you thank you thank you thanks a million

  2. please...please.......please.... add power rangers rpam and mystic force

  3. hey thanks a ton for uploading power rangers zeo and turbo. can you please add power rangers in space too it is the sequel for this and last series featuring zordon. thanks in advance

    1. Please add 40 episodes of Power Rangers LightSpeed Rescue in Hindi


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