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Inazuma Eleven Episodes in Hindi [HD]

Endou Mamoru is a cheerful goalkeeper in Raimon Jr High, with six other players in the team. But there was a day when the team was almost lead to disbandment by Natsumi unless they are to win the match against the Teikoku Gakuen, currently the best team of Japan. He tried to save the club by gathering four more players to the team. In the second series, Endou and Raimon had to gather players from all over Japan to defeat the new enemies, Aliea Gakuen. In the third series, the Football Frontier International was announced, and Inazuma Japan was assembled, the coach being Kudou Michiya.

Hindi Episodes HD 720p

Episode 01 - Let's Play Soccer
however no one was interested and gave excuses. Thus Endou goes to the riverbank alone to practice instead.
The mysterious boy who blocks the shoot. In the afternoon when Endou practices at the riverbank with some children, one of the children was showing off his hissatsu shoot which almost hit one of the two punks which were passing by.

Episode 02 - Royal is Here
Raimon have their first practice match. The downside is that they must face the number one team in Japan: Teikoku Gakuen. While watching Teikoku warm up, Kabeyama gets scared and excuses himself to go to the washroom. Since he 

Episode 04 - The Dragon is Here
The match against Occult is about to start! But before that, Gouenji joins the team and Someoka is irritated by it. During the match, the members are having trouble deciding which forward to pass to and the team is falling apart. Will they be able to make a comeback in time before the match is over?

Episode 08 - The Formidable Cyborg Players
The soccer cyborgs used to follow tactics such as sigma 1 and gamma 7 which are offensive and defensive tactics used
Raimon & Mikage Facing off Raimon and Mikage Sennou by the teams and are planned by a computer which is controlled by their coach.

Episode 09 - Get Up, Willy
Gouenji is injured and out of Raimon's next game, but their opponents are the weakest team in the whole tournament, so winning shouldn't be a problem. Endou and his team doesn't know much about their next opponent so they go to a maid cafe to know about their team.

Episode 10 - The Royal Academy's Spy!
Raimon Junior High is looking stronger than ever, but so are the forces against them. But so desperate are their enemies to stop them from succeeding at any cost, they cross the line and unwittingly expose themselves!

Episode 12 - The Final Against the Royal Academy, Part One!
The Raimon 11 arrived at Teikoku Gakuen for the biggest game of their lives, but before they can begin they had to dispel the cloud of suspicion hanging over the place. Kageyama had set some kind of trap, he had secretly loosened the roof of the stadium they would be playing in

Episode 13 - The Final Against the Royal Academy, Part Two
With Kageyama safely shut away, the game against Teikoku Gakuen has properly begun, and it's a real game this time. Whoever wins this comes out on top. But with the story about Kidou and Haruna in his head, will Endou hesitate on winning the game?

Episode 14 - The Legendary Team!
Raimon still can't believe they beat Teikoku Gakuen and are the new District Champion. After the celebratory dust settles, a mysterious figure walks into Hibiki's ramen bar. Is he really from the legendary Inazuma Eleven? Coach Hibiki decides to revive back the legendary Inazuma Eleven

Episode 20 - The Definitive Technique The Z Triangle
Raimon are getting ready to play their next big opponent - Kidokawa Seishuu, which just happens to be Gouenji's old school. Certain members of that team still carry a grudge against him and will stop at nothing to get their revenge.

Episode 21 - A Fierce Duel with Kirkwood
The Mukata triplets and their grudge are dominating Raimon at every turn, but they need to find the strength to overcome their malice if they're going to make it to the final. 

Episode 23 - Challenged By a God!
As the finals against Zeus draws nearer, so does Raimon's anticipation and dread. The team are working hard, but the level they have to reach seems beyond their grasp. Will they get it together in time for the finals?

Episode 25 - The Final, Part One!
This is it, the finals of the Nationals has arrived. Zeus storm to an early lead of three goals and nothing Raimon does has any effect on them. Are they really gods? Or is something else going on? Either way, if Raimon don't turn the game around they're going to get annihilated!

Episode 26 - The Final, Part Two Divinity vs Magic
Raimon are down by three goals and are getting clobbered by the  Zeus after losing IE 26 HQ Zeus Junior High soccer gods of Zeus. The situation looks completely hopeless and the clock is running down. All the players of Raimon are down by the unnatural strength of Zeus,

Episode 34 - Shock! Eiria Academy New
Raimon have leveled up through their snowboard training and are ready to face Aliea Gakuen one more time. But do they have what it takes to beat them? And even if they do, what else do Aliea Gakuen have in store? Surely not another team..

Episode 35 - Epsilon's Attack! New
Just when everyone thought the earth had been saved, Aliea Gakuen attacks once more, this time with Epsilon. These guys really mean business, and they're going to beat up Manyuuji in Kyōto. A new member is entering the team by the help of Haruna? Who is he? Will Raimon be able to help them, or is it too late?

Episode 39 - The Last Wyvern Blizzard New
Raimon finally comes home to recharge their batteries and to train a whole lot more. They find out that everybody's been training to help them, including some old opponents! But all is not well on the team, the tough training has proved to be too much for one member in particular.

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