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Perman Episodes in Hindi (Hungama TV 2016)

Mitsuo encountered Bird-man, an alien who is a part of a federation that tries to maintain peace in the galaxy.He then received a helmet (that also serves as a mask) that gives superhuman strength, a cape that enables the wearer to fly, and a badge that allows him to breathe underwater and communicate with his fellow comrades whom he met soon after he utilized these gifts.Superman made it clear to all Permans that their identity must be kept a secret or their brain will be destroyed should it ever be revealed and they are given a special robot that can replace them while they are away to achieve this feat, although it is not entirely foolproof nor is it free from potential problems.These equipments then allowed them to be young Permans who try to maintain peace and help the people who are in need.

Hungama TV Hindi Episodes

Episode 01- Perman to the Rescue / Perman plays Baseball

Episode 02 - Here comes the Teacher / Perman the Runaway

Episode 03 - Perman misbehaves / Watch out for water

Episode 04 - Perman the bodyguard / The Mystery Truck

Episode 05 - The Bagal Boy / Home Alone

Episode 06 - Permans's Mammy and Papa / The Counter Fighters

Episode 07 - Mitsuo The Hero / Perman The Ninja

Episode 08 - The Escape Parrot / A Sleepless Night

Episode 09 - A Trip To The Mountains / The Home Run Ball

Episode 10 - Pick Pocket / Perman Help's Robber Bank

Episode 11 - The School Ghost / The Festival

Episode 12 - Mitsuo's Famous Friends / The Lost Badge

Episode 13 - Super Granny / Robot To The Rescue

Episode 14 - Hot Cakes And Handcuffs / Sabu Change is Side

Episode 15 - Mitsuo's Masterpiece / A Rainy Day Adventure

Episode 16 - The Mystery House / The Judo Champ

Episode 17 - Ganko Goes Shopping / The Great Novelist

Episode 18 - Perman The Handyman / The Secret Of Perman Uniform

Episode 19 - Trouble At The Hot Spring / New Tutor

Episode 20 - Ganko's Train Trip / Perman Iceman

Episode 21 - The Pyramid Adventure / Perman The Airan Boy

Episode 22 - Mitsuo's Bestest / The Perman Fan Club

Episode 23 - Mamas Class Reunion / Coco Learns a Secret

Episode 24 - Searching For A Job / Which Is A Real Mitsuo

Episode 25 - Perman The Phantom / Doctor Sleepo

Episode 26 - Don't Slick Of Prototype Of / Perman In The Party New

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  1. Plez try to uplode power ranger mystic force in hindi

    1. Yes admin if u can upload all episodes of Mystic Force then it will be great :D

      One more question admin, by any chance you can upload Power Rangers Wild Force , Time Force & Lost Galaxy on your website ?

  2. Please Upload MoTu Patlu Movies in hindi.

  3. Admin,Please upload all 526 episodes of perman

  4. monday onwards am trying to see 24ep of perman plz can u upload all ep

    1. Hungama TV Air Only 23 episodes and now repeat telecast

    2. Yesterday I saw a episode titled "Doctor Sleepo", so Hungama TV is airing more episodes now I guess

    3. iam record Yesterday episode 3pm and 8:30pm this Time Air old episodes

    4. I saw that "Doctor Sleepo" episode on the morning show around 11am-12pm. Thank You for all these episodes by the way. Keep up the good work! Eagerly waiting for the few new episodes

  5. Wish there was all episodes of perman.

  6. plz upload perman new episodes

  7. Plz upload perman new episodes

  8. plz upload perman new ep, kungfu panda new ep, avatar the last air bender all ep, and danny phantom all ep(in hindi)plz plz plz.... star toons india thank you :)

  9. plz upload perman new episodes :) STI thank you very much :)

  10. Could you upload perman the movie 2004 in hindi.
    I am waiting eagerly. Can anyone find a Japanese friend who can dub it?It would be good for all of us

  11. please upload all 526 episode in hindi or english ok thanks


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